Albion Online starts season 18 of guild conflicts on December 17


Anyone participating in Albion Online’s next season of fighting amongst guilds (don’t use the word war here, for obvious reasons) is hopefully a big fan of having a season covered in spiders. Not only do you have to look forward to having a big old spider as a mount reward, but the Crystal Spider Rush is much more rewarding. You will have to actually fight the spiders, though; you can’t just run away from them really fast and suggest burning the entire continent down to bedrock to get rid of them.

Other changes include invasion days shifting to be once every three weeks and smoother ranking up in the Crystal Arena. You can check out the full set of changes on the official site as well as the full schedule of events, so get your weaponry ready and prep yourself for a guild-based donnybrook that is absolutely replete with spiders. We’re sure somebody thinks that part is neat.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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