Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off Festivult and Hardcore Season 7


When you combine two things into a new package, something special may happen. You could end up with peanut butter and chocolate, for example. Or Dungeons & Dragons, even. Or, what the heck, permadeath and Christmas!

Dungeons and Dragons Online trotted out Update 57.1 today with that last combination. Not only is the MMO welcoming back its annual holiday Festivult event, but it is also kicking off Season 7 of the permadeath hardcore league. Festivult will run through January 9th, while the hardcore league is set to conclude on February 7th.

The patch made a number of bug fixes and quest adjustments. SSG reverted a skill cooldown change that arrived with Update 57, standardized hardcore season mount decorations, added a named loot chest in the Order in the Court mission, and made holiday cookies and cakes even more magical.

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