Elite Dangerous applies fixes for Update 14 game crashes, UI issues, and gameplay features


The first post-release patch for Elite: Dangerous’ Update 14 was kicked out yesterday, and while it might not address some of the larger bugbears that players have raised, it does attack some stability problems and fixes a few other features and systems on top.

The larger portion of the patch has attacked several crashes that occurred when players were interdicted by a Thargoid vessel, jumped to hyperspace in multi-crew, opened the galaxy map when no commodity information was available, or looked at the navigation panel in the tutorial. The patch also included some minor UI updates, the end of ports not requiring docking access if they’re not under Thargoid attack, and some NPC-specific inbox messages, along with adjustments to exobiology rank earnings.

The post does call to attention a list of still-existent known issues that are likely important to players, particularly since these are all issues raised at E:D’s player-curated issue tracker. These problems include mission boards not loading correctly, combat not progressing in anti-xeno conflict zones around bases, and problems with invisible Thargoids at surface settlements among other things.

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