Mobile shooter The Division Resurgence debuts a new CGI trailer and kicks off another closed beta


Ubisoft’s The Division Resurgence, the mobile version of the multiplayer shooter The Division, is starting to spin up its hype engines with a new CGI trailer that sets the scene for the game. While the plot and location of Manhattan are the same, the blurb on the video reminds fans that this mobile game features a campaign independent of the PC versions of the franchise, with “a new perspective on key story events.”

The trailer arrives just as the game begins its next phase of closed beta testing, which runs between now and December 22nd. This test build will apparently “allow players to experience a big part of the Resurgence promise,” with story missions, open world content, and a first look at the PvPvE-filled Dark Zone area. In addition, this test will not be under an NDA. Interested players can sign up on the website, or they can whet their appetites with the video below.

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