V Rising teases the markets, castle expansion, biome, and jewels of its first 2023 update


Vampire sandbox V Rising helped carry the year for survival fans, but it won’t be resting on its laurels over the holiday season: This morning, Stunlock Studio took the wraps off the game’s planned first big content release, coming next year after “many months” of additional work.

Of note, Stunlock says it’s focusing on implementing multiple floors to castles, a new biome studded with quartz, marketplaces and trade functionality in the existing zones, a rework of spell schools, a map expansion, “new technology,” improved inventory management for castles, and a new “jewels” system: “Players will be able to find or craft Jewels to unlock new perks for their spells, making ability customization even more personal. Jewels will allow players to create stronger combos when pairing spells by allowing you to apply and consume various spell-school-specific effects into even stronger effects or triggering explosions, novas, forking projectiles, and more.”

“There are also lots of smaller improvements on our wishlist to add to the immersion of the game, little feel-good things like being able to sit in chairs, turn your lights on and off, name your castle, place signs, and being able to interact with your servants in more casual ways. We also hope to look into fun things like interesting building diversity, secret doors, and passageways!”

Do note that the update will necessitate a wipe and reset to usher in the new map, so don’t get too attached to your current servers. But it’s a free expansion for existing players, so at least it won’t pinch your pennies.

Source: Official site, press release
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