Star Wars: The Old Republic previews its 7.2 PvP changes with season objectives, reward tracks, and no more ranked queue

It's time for THROAT PUNCH, BABY

The nature of PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing when patch 7.2 arrives. No, not the part where you fight people with lightsabers; that part is staying the same. But players will no longer have separate ranked and unranked queues, with PvP season points earned for each match based on performance as well as for completing a number of weekly PvP objectives. And all of this will unlock rewards along a seasonal progression track, including items you can then cash in at a separate vendor.

Aside from currency for a specific vendor, progression also unlocks cosmetic armor sets, titles, and seasonal trophy decorations. Everything an avid PvP player could want, in other words. If you’re sitting on a large pile of existing PvP rewards and you want to see how you’re going to get rewards moving forward or just whether or not you should spend some stockpiled ranked tokens, check out the full preview.

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