Another exploit in New World led to temporary trading outage as Amazon blasts ‘rumormongering’


New World players got understandably nervous when Amazon Games announced that it had to wrestle with yet another trading exploit, which prompted a temporary shutdown of trading across the entire game that was later lifted except for a specific server, where the exploit in question was localized.

The initial announcement caused a lot of player eyerolling and leaped-to conclusions, which further prompted Amazon to present some facts to push back against what it characterized as “wild misunderstandings, false information, and rumormongering,” including presumptions of how long a fix would come, the nature of the solution itself, and that nobody would face bans.

Of course, we do point out that such a reaction is perhaps understandable, as New World has had multiple examples of exploits being handled poorly. This time around, however, things are hopefully being managed better.

source: official forums (1, 2) via Reddit
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