EVE Online’s mobile 4X strategy game Project M5 resurfaces thanks to recent player survey questions

Less than inspirational!

Allow us to provide a little bit of additional context for this one: Among the reveals made during Fanfest in May, there was some initial information about a mobile 4X strategy title in the works set in the EVE Online universe codenamed Project M5. Indeed, CCP Games’ own products page has the title among its offerings, noting it’s being developed by CCP Shanghai and that there are no release plans yet, and players had received earlier surveys in May about becoming testers for the title.

The reason this game’s mention is being discussed is because players on Reddit are reporting that another player survey has arrived to their inboxes, and a couple of questions are specifically asking about interest in 4X games; one question asks how much players like the sub-genre on a scale of one to five, another asks what 4X titles fans already play, and another question once more asks if survey takers are interested in beta testing.

Reception to the news has been something of a mixed bag among redditors. Many are referencing CCP Games’ penchant for chasing cash sinks, others admit to some passing curiosity, and others are deriding the game outright because it’s a mobile title. There’s even one person who references a mod that adds EVE Online flavor to the existing 4X game Sins of a Solar Empire.

sources: Reddit, Appgames.com, CCP Games products page, cheers Wilhelm!
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