Neverwinter’s 2023 roadmap includes three module releases – but no new class


We’ve often noticed that maturing MMORPGs tend to trend toward a dependable, regular release schedule. So it’s no surprise that Neverwinter’s fallen into that comfortable groove, with Cryptic’s MMO pumping out three content “modules” in a calendar year centered around a certain theme or storyline.

In a recent livestream, the studio delivered the first part of a 2023 roadmap while saying that modules 25 and 26 will revolve around an unrevealed theme. The next module should arrive in March, with the one after that sometime in the next summer followed by a November release.

Cryptic said that it’s trying hard to release Neverwinter’s content simultaneously across all platforms rather than in a staggered rollout.

The studio also fielded a host of community questions concerning certain systems and future features that bears a close reading. This includes some bad news for the hopes of another class: “No, we are currently not working on a new class, either the druid or the monk. Those are sort of the two other last main classes of D&D that are not present on Neverwinter. That’s not to say that we would never do them but they are not in our short to near term release schedule.”

Source: Neverwinter
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