World of Warcraft plans new currency and stipend for monthly ‘Trading Post’ cosmetic shop

But the currency won't be buyable for real money

Game for sale!

The concept of cosmetics seasons, cosmetic shops, and monthly stipends aren’t remotely new in MMOs, but Blizzard is blending elements of all three in World of Warcraft for what it’s rather uncreatively calling the Trading Post.

The studio announced this afternoon that it’s implementing a currency called Trader’s Tender that can be spent on the Trading Post, which will cycle new buyables every month. Trader’s Tender isn’t cash-shop currency, exactly, as you can’t buy it directly for money; subscribers will get a stipend of 500 TT every month just for subbing, and players can also earn another 500 by completing a set of monthlies in the new Traveler’s Log.

“The second way to earn Trader’s Tender is to complete monthly activities listed in the new Traveler’s Log. Each month features a rotating, themed set of activities. There’s only a set amount of Tender you can earn each month through completing activities, so you won’t need to complete all the ones in the log each month. You’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of fun in-game activities to easily earn Tender. Players can choose to earn by continuing to play the game as they already do such as completing quests, competing in battlegrounds, taking part in holiday activities, and even running Mythic+ dungeons. But you can also choose to take part in activities uniquely designed for the month.”

Blizzard promises that items will rotate in and out and “also include cosmetics from promotions that are no longer available as well as items normally available for cash purchase on the in-game store” as an “alternative” to paying actual money. The studio says this is “just the start” of its plans to further add personalization in the game; expect it on the PTR soon.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Bruno.
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