Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Showdown on Rhunuk and Life Day launch today


Just a month ago, BioWare took the wraps off of a new round of content for Star Wars: The Old Republic: GU 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk. The update is coming to a galaxy near you today.

As we’ve previously covered, the update’s storyline focuses on the arid planet called Ruhnuk; players can expect a three-mission story homing in on the Mandalorians, the Mandalorian Trat’ade reputation track and dailies, and a major overhaul of the game’s PvP.

“7.2 brings changes to PvP Mode! There is no longer any distinction between Unranked and Ranked PvP. Players will now queue solo or as a group in 4v4 or 8v8 matches. Our first PvP Season is starting now with a new PvP Map, Onderon Palatial Ruins! Jump into the game to complete PvP content and earn PvP points from our new PvP Reward Track.”

To usher in the patch, BioWare has also dropped several events all at once: a double experience week over Christmas, the 11-year anniversary (which is mostly fireworks and discounts), and Life Day, which runs through January 10th: “It’s the time of the year to throw snowballs to your friends and complete Conquest Objectives and Achievements to earn festive rewards. For this new edition, we’re introducing new rewards such as a new Gala Hat and new snowglobes themed around the R-4, Manaan, Ruhnuk, and Elom.”

Servers went down just after 8 a.m. EST this morning and are expected to be back a little after noon.

Back up much earlier than noon!

And they did a trailer!

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