Black Desert PC introduces the fan-wielding Woosa and launches its winter seasonal server


Who would bring a fan to a sword fight? The Woosa, that’s who. The class that’s been talked up by Pearl Abyss at this year’s Calpheon Ball has now brought her fan-flinging magic to the PC version of the sandbox in today’s update. And if you think her choice of weapon is odd, just remember this is the game that also has an otter pirate crew captain, a class that effectively swings a belt buckle as a flail, and an awakening class that has a hula hoop of death.

In case you’re still unconvinced that a fan is a feasible weapon in BDO, the patch notes offer a closer look at some of the Woosa’s skills, along with the gameplay trailer that waits below the break. The update also has several events linked to the class like a hot time event and extra rewards for hitting level 60 with the Woosa, and it also lets players prepare for the Woosa’s awakening weapon to arrive by getting a Tuvala pendant and Marni’s pocket watch. These are items that will be important to the awakened Woosa later, promise.

Another major feature for the update is the launch of the game’s seasonal servers for winter. As usual, XP earnings will be ramped up, Tuvala gear can be gained, and a seasonal pass awaits completion. This season’s server also features ramped up life skill XP gain, increased resource amounts while gathering, and new items that guarantee the enhancement of TET IV Tuvala gear. The patch notes grant more details on what’s new; make sure to check out our in-person coverage of the Calpheon Ball’s reveals for more on what else is coming next.

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