Trove’s Snowfest invites you to save the yeti as console begins Reeling in the Stars


Christmas returns to Gamigo’s voxelbox Trove today as Snowfest has returned to blanket the gameworld in snowfall. Oh, and with rampaging yeti and dungeons that look like giant presents. This game is weird.

“Elfsly awaits you in the Hub to join the Snowfest 2022 celebrations from December 13, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC until December 27, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC – on all platforms,” Gamigo writes – and do note how quickly after the holiday this one ends! “Advance through a new quest chain to save Horned Rumpfus in the Treasured Isles. Travel through adventure worlds and discover beautiful Present Dungeons to collect awesome gifts! And because sharing is caring, you can donate resources at the donation station to earn even more rewards!”

“Saving” the Horned Rumpfus (Rumpfuses?) involves smacking these cute but terribly angry yeti with special Saged Snowballs and driving them back to the Permafrost, which is somewhat wholesome, right? Here’s a peek at our playthrough last year!

Console players are also getting a treat this week as the Reeling in the Stars update that is already live for PC players is finally live for them as well; the release includes the new constellation progression system, the revamped Boomeranger, and the overhauled fishing mechanics.

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