TERA Console tweaks classes and battlegrounds as a new TERA PC rogue server launches


With the PC version of TERA being shuttered this past June, news out of the MMORPG now comes exclusively from its console version, which saw an update earlier this week that was primarily focused on adjusting existing pieces of content.

Specifically, the Ninja and Archer classes saw some buffs to their skills while the Reaper got a nerfing, the Kumas Royale battleground has been opened for level 65 players as part of an unspecified event, the DPS class requirement for Champions’ Skyring has been removed, and general updates have been made like an update to a quest reward, a change to a returning level 65 reward, and a few bug fixes.

Circling back to the PC version of TERA, we’ve been alerted to yet another rogue server for the game, Omni TERA, which has features such as a way to instantly get to level 70, “play to win costumes,” 14 classic dungeons and several revived gear sets, and a change to the Fey Forest to make it an FFA PvPvE zone among other things. The server has been getting some pretty regular updates as well, the most recent of which went live yesterday.

sources: TERA Console site, Omni TERA site (cheers Judie!)
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