World of Warcraft offers an extra 30 days of subscription time for Dragonflight gift purchases through December

Oh, to pretend to believe.

Blizzard: So it turns out that after releasing two terrible World of Warcraft expansions back-to-back, we’ve ensured nobody actually trusts us to release another one, and we don’t have nearly as many people coming back.
Me: Don’t forget the harassment, too.
Blizzard: That’s really hurt us, too. Not going to lie.
Me: If only someone had offered you feedback to that effect and told you to do a better job.
Blizzard: Oh, they did. We just ignored all of them because we wanted to believe we were inviolable rock stars.
Me: …right. Like, that was the joke? You didn’t have to answer that.
Blizzard: So we need you to buy copies of Dragonflight to give to your friends, and we’ll give them subscription time when you do that.
Me: Why are you trying to convince me to bribe my friends into playing the game? Do I get any bonus subscription time for already owning the game?
Blizzard: Come on. You already liked it, right?
Me: I thought it had a decent start. You have a ways to go before you earn back good will, and – hey, get away from my search bar!
Blizzard: Send your friends this song, too. Say it’s from me.

Me: You have your own email!
Blizzard: They blocked me.

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