The Daily Grind: Which MMO offered the best crafting in 2022?

Nothing to give.

“Best crafting” has always been a hard pick for me as it’s one of my core content magnets in an MMO, which tends to mean I’m playing older MMOs – one in particular – that still does crafting better than anything that’s come since. And giving an award to an MMO from 2003 is pretty dang depressing under the circumstances.

Last year, I nominated Albion Online, both for its crafting and gathering and for the fact that crafting-centric gameplay is baked into the foundation of the whole game, as opposed to being a side activity. I also had a ton of fun in LOTRO’s crafting minigame this year, and I rather liked the New World crafting too, but of course, I want to hear where other people got their economy fix this year.

Which MMO would you say offered the best crafting and economic systems in 2022?

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