Torchlight Infinite plans new season in January along with PC controller support


If multiplayer Torchlight Infinite has fallen off your radar since its October early access launch, allow us to put it back on, as XD Games announced this week that it’s planning on rolling out a whole season at the top of 2023, along with controller support for PC aimed in particular at Steam Deck players.

“Launching in January 2023, Blacksail will see players embark on a new adventure that takes them to the end of the universe and into The Sea of Void,” the studio says. “Torchlight: Infinite’s new season will introduce more content to the popular PC and mobile action RPG while expanding hero gameplay and customisation with new skills. Not only that, Hero Relics will allow players to further progress and develop their in-game builds with new loot and loadout slots.”

“As we enter the new season, Hunters will gain access to two new hero items: Hero Relics and Hero Memories. Each Hunter can equip one Hero Relic, offering up to 3 slots which can be inlaid with collectable Hero Memories, providing powerful affixes that are closely related to the hero’s specialization. Helping to create more diverse build possibilities, Torchlight: Infinite will also introduce 5 new main Skills with the launch of the new season: Moon Strike, Howling Gale, Thunder Slash, Blazing Bullet, Haunting Abomination.”

The trailer makes clear the season launches on January 12th, so you’ve got a few weeks to prep.

Source: Press release, dev blog
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