Pantheon Rise of the Fallen celebrates a ‘milestone month’ thanks to monthly pre-alphas and influencer livestream


The producer of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is looking back at December with fondness in the game’s latest newsletter, which he calls a “milestone month” because of two major factors: the game’s pledge to run monthly pre-alphas in 2023 and a pre-alpha livestream from CohhCarnage, which is being celebrated as an “unprecedented step forward […] because it was the first time a non-developer showed off the game in a completely unscripted, organic manner.”

Of course, the month of December wasn’t just an influencer’s gameplay and pre-alpha promises, as the newsletter continues to chronicle December’s development updates including ongoing class balancing, work on seamless zones, further refinement of gathering nodes, and further updates to zones, models, and animations. On the subject of creating things, a portion of the December newsletter shares some of the dev tools being used by Visionary Realms, and offers a recent gameplay look from within some goblin caves.

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