Time-travel MMO Into the Echo plans to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023


When last we checked in on time-traveling-themed MMORPG Into the Echo, it was mired in testing delays and communication lapses, but now Etlok Studios’ executive producer has dropped an end-of-the-year dev blog to tease what’s coming in 2023.

Interestingly, the team does address its “hiatus” from pre-alpha testing, saying that it has now “disengaged from a third-party vendor and developed [its] own networking platform and backend,” which means it’s aiming to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023.

“While 2022 has been trundling away, the ETLOK Studios crew have been busy at work,” the studio says. “The deep world of Into The Echo has been taking shape behind the scenes; we cannot wait for you to begin exploring its intricate lore. Over the next year, we will be announcing the release of our interactive lore site. Our creative team has been crafting a unique story experience so you may discover Raava and learn about its history. Along this journey, you will meet interesting characters, explore cultures and languages, solve puzzles and, most importantly, learn about Qen.”

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