EVE Online shares a video retrospective of its year with the community

New Year's EVE

Late December is the time when we all start thinking about the year that was, usually how much of a pile of garbage it turned out to be and how happy we are to be rid of it. Unless you’re one of those wacky sorts who actually has good years. Regardless, EVE Online has taken the opportunity to assemble a video retrospective of the biggest community events over the past year in a new video taking a look at how players experienced the game.

The video is dynamically shot and tracks everything from battles fought to missions completed, even tracking the most popular ships for players to fly and how often players used wormholes to jump from place to place. It’s a nice look back over the year that was for fans. If you’re more interested in looking forward to the year that will be, on the other hand, the studio is also now putting out the call for player presenters at this year’s fanfest.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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