Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss pushes Steam early access launch to the turn of the new year


If you’ve been blood-starved for a vampiric massively multiplayer role-playing game, no doubt you’ve found yourself waiting to, er, sink your teeth into Shadow’s Kiss. The good news is that its early access launch is imminent, but the bad news is that it’s been delayed a couple of days.

Studio Clockwork Thorne announced that it had to move the release from December 28th to the 30th. Unfortunately, there’s a hiccup even with that, as the studio won’t be able to actually send out Steam keys until the following week unless players directly petition them via email.

The studio is hoping that the release will serve as a rally for the project: “Some of us are back working on Shadow’s Kiss fulltime, and it’s our hope that early access gives us the wind in our sails to continue to expand and improve Shadow’s Kiss with regular content updates and expansions.”

Source: Kickstarter. Thanks DDOCentral!
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