Embers Adrift interview addresses features and monetization choices


Regular readers of MOP are already pretty familiar with Embers Adrift and its overall old-school leanings, but those who might not be familiar or are otherwise eager to hear details and discussion from executive producer John Gust might like this hour-long video interview.

As that opening suggests, there isn’t an awful lot of revelation here, as Gust discusses the game’s PvE grinding focus, its group-centered design, the game’s niche leanings and the community that’s formed around it, and how the game’s color palette and use of light and darkness are used. At one point in the interview he also talks up the game’s monetization choices, stating that Embers being a box price and sub model title frees up the devs from having to focus on creating cash shop items and instead focus on creating continuous content.

It’s an interview that might not set anyone’s hair on fire, but it is a discussion that we’re sharing here if fans are interested.

source: YouTube, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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