EverQuest rings in the new year with a time-turning event

ahhhhhhh (echoes endlessly)

Here we are, almost done with 2022, and EverQuest is right there with you in being kind of done with the year across a variety of ways. That means it’s time get rid of last year, and the best way to do that is to bring back a familiar annual event once again. “Wait, if you want next year to be better and different,” you ask, “wouldn’t you do something different this year compared to the past?” And the answer is that there is something different, because Fauma Reista is out hanging by the Froglok Outpost in the Rathe Mountains eager to take a tour back across the events of this year with any travelers who want to visit her.

That’s not to say that the event is unfamiliar, as Pizmip Noddletod and M.C. Tinkerton are hanging out on the Plane of Knowledge with the familiar festivities for long-time veterans of this particular event. It’s just not entirely the same event from last year. Things can change, and hopefully they do! Just be sure to take care of both the new and changed parts sooner rather than later, as the New Year’s event runs until January 21st. There are even special respawn bonus rates through January 3rd to entice you!

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