Final Fantasy XIV takes a closer look at this year’s Heavensturn festivities

Hire a... you know the drill.

So, how familiar are you with the Japanese tradition of omikuji? Because those traditions will be highly relevant as something coming to Eorzea in this annual arrival of the Final Fantasy XIV in-game event marking the new year, Heavensturn. They’re strips of paper you receive in exchange for a donation to said temple, and they serve as a prediction of the coming year, whether you’ll receive good fortune or bad over the next year. And you’ll be able to get one yourself this year, as it turns out, so if you want to see the future… well, this at least gives you a guess!

Of course, this all comes from the usual official post diving a bit deeper into the rewards and structure of the event, so players will also get a sense for the new armor set coming along for this year’s celebration as well as the new housing decoration. Heavensturn starts on December 31st, so get ready to make your donation, see your fortune, and hope you get a good one along the way.

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