NetEase space adventure Infinite Langrage officially launches on PC


After a year on mobile, NetEase’s multiplayer space sim Infinite Langrage rolled out on the PC yesterday with user interface optimizations. The studio said that the title topped the charts of free games in China and has been a strong performer overseas since its mobile release in 2021.

One of the big improvements for the new PC edition is the addition of 120Hz UHD graphical support, which “brings gamers a cinematic scifi visual experience.” Infinite Lagrange said that its PC client also offers “advanced collision monitoring technology” for more strategic space combat.

“All Explorers can explore space on a large screen after this update,” NetEase said. “The blockbuster sci-fi special effects shown when the protagonist is sucked into the grand and magnificent galaxy of Infinite Lagrange in the PV for the PC version have left countless explorers curious and excited.”

Source: Press release
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