Pantheon shares a fireside chat with EverQuest co-creator Steve Clover


It’s hard to debate that the death of Brad McQuaid cast a pall across Visionary Realms and its Pantheon project. And even though the team valiantly strode forward after his passing, it needed a boost in publicity and leadership. So as you might recall, last August Visionary Realms excitedly announced that McQuaid’s longtime developer buddy and co-EverQuest creator Steve Clover came out of retirement to help Pantheon make it across the finish line.

And it is this very Steve Clover who was the subject of the studio’s first “Bring Out Your Devs” livestream chat. While those normally remain locked behind the wall for VIP supporters, Visionary Realms felt that the interview was special enough to share with the world at large.

In the chat, Clover went through his history with McQuaid, EverQuest, and SOE before talking about all of the challenges of helping Pantheon succeed.

“I was interested in the project because it was trying to capture a vision that was very similar of what we were trying to do with [EverQuest],” Clover said. “Pantheon seemed to be a project that wasn’t about milking people for money. It was about making a game that people wanted to play and wasn’t being made currently. That’s what drew me to being a part of Pantheon.”

Source: YouTube
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