Happy New Year to all the uplifting things in MMOs, 2022 edition


It’s our tradition to bundle all the reasons we can’t have nice things – all the worst things that happened to the MMORPG genre over the course of that year – and figuratively burn them in the New Year’s Eve bonfire. We did that last night. Sorry not sorry about the creepy pic.

But as MOP’s MJ is fond of reminding me, we cover a lot more than trash deserving of a good charr. We cover thousands of articles every year, and among them, some are really prove that gaming is pretty great, actually. Gamers can be good. Studios can be good. We can do a lot of good here!

So to usher in 2023, we’re recapping some of the happy MMO news that 2022 delivered to the genre and our wider gaming community, from charity efforts for Ukraine to memorial funds for fallen devs.

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