Moonlight Sculptor’s latest patch added a boss fight, but had to remove it thanks to server issues


For a brief couple of weeks, mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor opened up a new boss fight area in its last content patch known as Marias’ Labyrinth, which invited players to face down an insect boss for gear and goodies. Unfortunately, the feature caused some form of server issues, and although the devs tried to stabilize things, the content was ultimately taken offline yesterday while the devs sort out the issue. A timeline for the content’s return is currently unavailable, but the devs reassure players that this is a temporary measure.

Other portions of the last content update are still online, luckily: The game now has a common second class in the form of the Shaman, a number of improvements to help boosted characters ease into the game, added new clothes, and made some balance tweaks among other things. The devs are also still in a gift giving mood, handing out a small list of free coupon codes for players to redeem.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Twitter
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