Albion Online’s returning frost challenge would like to give you a chilly ram friend


I can’t speak from personal experience, but I have to assume that rams and goats are not what one would call the most friendly of critters, let alone ones that would be willing to be trained to become mounts. So with that in mind, it’s probably best for your safety and the ram’s well-being that players take up Albion Online’s returning frost challenge to earn an in-game ram mount instead. It’s just easier. And he looks much more friendly. And fluffy!

The returning frost challenge isn’t too dissimilar from other challenge events that have been held in-game before: Players earn challenge points, unlock chests to earn themselves some tasty loot, and then claim goodies like the aforementioned frost ram mount as well as a frigid avatar ring. Treasures inside of the chests include a variety of snowy furnishings, adventurer’s tomes, and bags of silver. The challenge runs all month, so players have a bit of time yet to get themselves a more affable goat friend.

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