Genfanad makes changes to the town of Skal and introduces jewelry items


The retro-styled MMORPG Genfanad wants to give you a ring. And a necklace. And earrings. And shinier amulets. That is to say that the game’s latest update has added jewelry items to the game that players can find or craft at the newly added jewelry table. So sparkly.

Another tentpole feature for the latest update is a few changes to the mountain town of Skal, including a rearranged layout and a new quest that tasks players with finding out who has been sabotaging the town’s feasts.

The patch has also added new amulet items, introduced a jewelry icon for the minimap, and allowed cosmetic pants to replace cosmetic skirts and vice versa. The patch notes are posted in an image pull from the game’s Discord because forum posts are so last year.

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