City of Heroes’ Rebirth rogue server kicks out a teaser trailer for its upcoming Clockstoppers update


The Rebirth rogue server of City of Heroes is preparing to put out its latest update. How do we know? Because the operators of the server shared a teaser trailer. It’s got jump cuts and a snazzy logo and everything, so you know this is some serious business.

The new issue is subtitled Clockstoppers and seems to showcase some manner of time manipulation powers that involve drawing characters together into a group and projecting the player into foes with some sweet roundhouse kicks. The end of the video also appears to show off the final fight of a new task force involving a Clockwork Paladin.

Further details aren’t available yet, but fans are invited to keep an eye on Rebirth’s socials and Discord for more, while Clockstoppers is scheduled to enter public testing sometime this month. And for our own recent impressions of life in Rebirth, make sure to check out our Choose My Adventure column.

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