Lost Ark hands out additional item chests after a holiday gift’s randomness runs afoul of players


Usually getting an in-game present is a nice gesture, so players of Lost Ark were likely happy when Amazon Games and Smilegate first announced a special gift that one character could claim full of goodies. However, one of the items in the bundle apparently didn’t go over well, prompting some additional recompense from the publisher.

Among the items handed out in the gift bundle were 10 battle item chests, which ended up having random contents inside of them instead of giving players the choice of battle items they wanted or needed. As a result, Amazon has tweaked the offer, giving out 100 more of these kinds of chests “to ensure all players are fully geared up with Battle Items of all types.”

The freebies in question can still be claimed between now and March 15th, so ideally players can actually enjoy their gifts and be blessed by the RNG gods when peeling open the aforementioned box.

sources: official site, official forums (1, 2)
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