Star Wars: The Old Republic fills up January’s event schedule with snowballs, ghouls, and relics


While Star Wars: The Old Republic just wrapped up its 11th anniversary celebration, it’s not leaving the month of January barren. Several events fill up the calendar, from the remnants of holiday cheer to a resurgence of a plague.

The Life Day festival carries on through January 10th with lots of snowball-throwing and festive cosmetics and decorations to earn. Among the new additions this year are Family of the First weapon skins.

Then from the 10th through the 17th is the return of Rakghouls on Corellia, during which players can earn reputation with THORN and grab all manner of rewards. Finally, January closes out with a reprise of the Relics of the Gree event for mid-to-high-level players.

In the meanwhile, SWTOR’s PvP community continues to duke it out in Update 7.2 for rewards such as these heavy-duty armor sets:

Source: SWTOR
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