Trove’s Renewus New Year’s event returns with a new quest chain and the same old celebratory orbs


Can it really be a new year unless Trove drops orbs on players’ heads every few minutes for a few rounds of impromptu soccer? Luckily, 2023 is starting off right in the cubic MMORPG as the Renewus event is back for another year, bringing along with it the aforementioned orb drops and new content.

That new content comes in the form of a new quest chain for the event that lets players craft themselves some helpful new goodies like a new boat, a new sail, and a new consumable that will increase magic find and damage output. Of course, it’s also not an event until the game store sells related packs, which is the case this year as well.

Renewus runs between now and January 17th. If you’re curious about what some of this event looks like, you can check out last year’s stream of the event with MJ after the break. Spoiler alert: There will be orb kicking.

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