Black Desert Console adds ‘cloud accessories’ as BDO Mobile celebrates third birthday


Black Desert Mobile is riding high after its big release last week, and Black Desert PC launched its first Arena of Solare season yesterday. So what’s Black Desert Console getting? The chance to accessorize! Yep, today’s release features “cloud accessories” for progression toons that negate some of the painful trigonal grind.

“These items may have the same stats as Capotia accessories, but what sets them apart is that TRI (III) is much easier to reach, and you can obtain materials for guaranteed enhancement. Cloud accessories can be equipped by both normal and Winter Season characters, which will provide a much more enjoyable experience for Adventurers who are beginning a new adventure. Additionally, returning Adventurers can also obtain Cloud accessories, so we hope they will benefit all Adventurers.”

There’s also a smattering of tweaks for classes (including buffs for Ninja, Wizard, and Witch, but nerfs for Dark Knight) and adjustments for everything from monster zones to Marni stones.

Meanwhile, in addition to its December update that introduced new zones, the Mobile version of the game is celebrating its third birthday with an infographic; Pearl Abyss says mobile players have rolled 21M characters and acquired 2505 dream horses in just three years online.

Source: Console, Mobile
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