Gloria Victis is making its death penalty a lil bit more punishing


Gloria Victis isn’t dawdling after the holidays: It’s already pushed out its first big update of the year, the star of which is yet another revision to the game’s death penalty – this time to make it more punishing.

“With the recent changes in the loot and non-loot zones, we have found out that without the fear of losing their gear, players are much more willing to fight for the territories, however, this has also the side effect of players paying less attention to the number of deaths their suffer, as there is no penalty to it,” Black Eye Games writes. “We hope that this change will bring more organization and discipline to the combat, while still not being as punishing as losing a part of armor due to looting. What is more, risking losing a portion of items’ durability creates a risk vs reward type of gameplay, that brings more emotions to the fights, which is a much-needed addition to the loot-free fight in the non-loot zone.”

Consequently, deaths will now incur a 3% durability hit, modified by the character’s armor tree. The studio argues it’s a needed step for the economy changes coming to future updates, which will also improve rewards.

The update further includes revisions for combat movement, horses, map events, shadows, skins, cheevos, and the login screen.

Source: Steam
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