Final Fantasy XIV is among the games showcased at Awesome Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon


Generally speaking, the only conceivable way someone could speedrun an MMORPG would be to get to the level cap in the fastest way possible, but a speedrun in the classic sense – i.e. getting a game completed from start to finish – is going to be attempted in Final Fantasy XIV and on one of speedrunning’s biggest stages: the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon.

FFXIV streamer and player Angelusdemonus will be making a solo speedrun of floors 171 to 180 of the Palace of the Dead dungeon as a Machinst class. For those who are unfamiliar, this content is similar in principle to a roguelike, with randomized floors, traps, and treasures; the content has mostly been figured out by players, but it also is tuned mostly for groups, so running it solo can add an extra wrinkle of challenge.

In addition to the MMORPG being part of the marathon, a number of FFXIV-themed prizes are up for grabs for those who donate, including an acrylic charm of the Crystal Exarch, mini minion charms, and a collector’s edition of the game itself. Incidentally, donations for AGDQ will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Angelusdemonus’ run is scheduled to begin at around 6:41 p.m. EST on Friday, January 13th, so those who want to both support a good cause and see how speedrunning in an MMORPG works are invited to tune in.

source: Games Done Quick site (1, 2), thanks to KoruriKodakumi for the tip!
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