Level 5’s Fantasy Life Online is shutting down for good next month


It’s been a short, weird, and depressing trip for Level 5’s Fantasy Life Online. The colorful mobile MMORPG launched in Japan in 2018 on Android and iOS, only to shut down in that country back in 2021. However, there was hope of a second chance with a successive global launch… which is now also closing its doors.

Level 5 made the announcement last month, saying, “Considering the overall operation situation and the adjustment of the strategy of the operation team, with a heavy heart, we’re sorry to inform you that we decided to shut down the game Fantasy Life Online on February 6th, 2023.”

In compensation, the studio is handing out free in-game currency on a weekly basis until the sunset and said that it will refund paid purchases of said currency.

Fantasy Life Online shouldn’t be confused with the Nintendo 3DS Fantasy Life, which launched in 2014 and offers a multiplayer option.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Matthew!
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