The Daily Grind: Who told the biggest gaming fib of 2022?


Last year, Bobby Kotick’s many fibs eclipsed everything else. This year, I have a couple of fibs in mind, foremost among them Unity CEO John Riccitiello’s statement that game devs who put tremendous care into their design instead of focusing on monetization are “the biggest fucking idiots.” The industry – and developers under his care – absolutely roasted him, of course, prompting him to come out swinging about out-of-context clickbait. (It was neither.) When that didn’t calm the fires, he posted an apology for his word choice (but not for maligning the press) that nobody really believed. As MOP reader Dug put it,

I could also have pointed to the all the times Stadia say everything was just fine, right up until it wasn’t.

Maybe you have a more MMO-centric idea. Who told the biggest gaming fib of 2022?

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