World of Tanks unveils upcoming jet-boosted tanks and Terminator 2-themed battle pass


It’s time for the first random cross-promotional content of 2023 thanks to World of Tanks! The online tank battler will make bedfellows with the action movie classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day in its upcoming special battle pass that will be available from January 12th through the 26th. And I’m sure you’re already hearing the movie theme in your head. Don’t worry, so am I.

A variety of goodies themed around the film await in the pass, including characters from the movie reimagined as tank commanders, 2-D styles, inscriptions, decals, and a special Tier VIII T-832 tank, though that last item is stuffed within the premium pass. Speaking of buying stuff, the cash shop will offer up Sarah Connor and the T-1000 as tank commanders.

In terms of regular old playable content, WOT is also introducing a new branch of Chinese heavy tanks in its upcoming patch. Ones with jet boosters. These new vehicles come from concepts drawn up in the 1950s that never got off of the ground, and offer a 10 second-long burst of speed, though turning will be hard and reversing will be impossible because that’s how jets work.

The new patch is curently up for pre-loading, a month-long series of missions and tech tree discounts is ongoing, and a trailer for the new battle pass awaits below.

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