City of Heroes rogue server Rebirth preps travel power revamp for I5 Clockstoppers

We got it back, after all.

City of Heroes rogue server Rebirth has been teasing its Issue 5: Clockstoppers release since at least last week, when it dropped a feature overview trailer. Today, it’s posted a bit more information about the travel pool revamps its player devs are undertaking, and while some of the tweaks exist on other rogue servers, others are new to the emu community.

The best bits are the aerobatics power, which grants speed and control in flight, and the new fly poses for those of you who just want to look badass while zipping through the air.

“The fly speed cap has been significantly increased. Can you break the sound barrier? We’d love to see you try.

“Air Superiority has received a damage buff. Everything else about this power was already perfect in our eyes.

“Hover is now its own toggle, fully decoupled from all other flight powers including Fly, Prestige Travel Powers, and the temporary Flight Pack. You’ll never need to re-toggle this defensive power as you turn fly on and off for out-of-combat travel.

“We’ve heard your requests to use different flyposes as Flight defaults. Ri5 delivers. Any of the four legacy flypose emotes can now be set as your default via power customization! Choose from Classic, Heroic, Soaring, and Driven.

“From here, the revamp really takes off. Say hello to Dive Attack! Cover distance in an instant & smash down on foes with this AoE attack. Afterburner, the toggle which gives a significant short duration burst to flight speed, has been nested into Dive Attack as a bonus power.

“Introducing Aerobatics! This power grants you lots of flight speed and flight control. Plus, you’ll enjoy resistance to fly debuffs & some added defense. This power replaces the Group Fly selection, which now comes as a bonus sub-power with Aerobatics.”

Here’s the trailer from last week in case you missed it:

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