Torchlight Infinite takes on the king of the pirates in Season 2


A new era for XD’s Torchlight Infinite arrives today, ushering in Season 2 and a brand-new game mode for the mobile ARPG. Blacksail challenges players face off against the king of pirates and steal the bride’s treasure (which translates to desirable legendary items).

The update also adds the playable speedster Cateye (for those who buy the seasonal pass) and hero items as a new type of gear. This last category is divided into hero relics (class buffs) and hero memories (extra affixes).

Other additions with Torchlight Infinite’s Season 2 include a new hero trait for Berserker Rehan, more skills, adjustments to the Chaos Invasion mode, a trio of new pactspirits, combat tweaks, trade tax for the game’s auction house, free daily login rewards, and controller support.

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