Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2022


Perhaps one of our saddest traditions at the turn of every year is taking stock of all the MMOs we lost along the way. Unfortunately, 2022 ensured we said farewell to several good ones – Bluehole’s Elyon and TERA being chief among them. EVE Valkyrie, Crowfall, Forsaken World, Bless Unleashed on console, and Atlas Rogues were also taken offline, perhaps for the last time, while games like Red Dead Online and Heroes of the Storm were sentenced to maintenance mode. We even lost a few games before they were born, like Daybreak’s second go at a Marvel MMO and Blizzard’s Project Neptune.

And of course, we can hardly fail to mention the impending sunsets of all but one of Blizzard’s MMOs in China, though technically, they won’t go dark until next year.

On the plus side, we saw a few dead MMOs return to service, including Global Agenda, Echo of Soul, and Mythos, albeit in diminished capacities.

o7, old friends.

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