World of Warcraft adds a new defense event to the Primalist Future on the test server

Breathe a zap.

The Primalists have won, the Dragon Isles are overrun with raw elemental energy, and malicious spirits of said elements are pouring into the world. Fortunately, that’s not what is happening in World of Warcraft at this time… but players do wind up visiting the Primalist Future as part of the expansion’s main storyline in which that is a distinct possibility, and revisiting that future is going to be important in the game’s next patch. That’s because of the new Storm’s Fury event in which players have to take down elemental bosses as a new community event on the game’s current test server.

Players have to capture four separate portals throughout the zone while fighting off a bitter cold that covers the entire zone, making for a possible painful freeze if these zone-wide mechanics aren’t heeded. That’s on top of the bosses having some challenging mechanics, although successful completion does net a cache of loot to help take the edge off. You can check out the full preview of the event right here on Wowhead to give an early rundown, although it goes almost without saying that the event is still on the test server and thus is subject to further changes.

Source: Wowhead
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