EverQuest II opens two new raids for the Renewal of Ro expansion


It’s time to rage against the ravages of raids in Renewal of Ro. The latest expansion to EverQuest II has opened the doors to its two new raids this week, inviting players to face The Hunt and The Standing Storm.

The Hunt tasks players with taking on powerful desert nomads who are poaching the deserts of Ro in Raj’Dur Plateaus, while Standing Storm sees players facing off against the threat of a Rath’Mana High Priest who seeks to take over the Sandstorm Delta using dangerous magic. Both encounters also promise six new raid bosses, unique raid design, and hidden secrets to discover.

The post closes by reminding players that there’s more to come in February and March including Chronoportal updates and merges, a PvP TLE server, and more raids and quests, but until then, there are some new raids to plumb now.

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