Genfanad admits to design missteps and outlines plans to correct them through this year


According to a recent developer blog from Rose Tinted Games, Genfanad is in need of many corrections – an assessment that we ourselves made during our Choose My Adventure visit last year. Making those corrections is the primary topic of the post, with word on changes coming to systems, mechanics, and overall gameplay feel.

One of the design goals is to make exploration more rewarding, starting first with the addition of incentives to explore like rare spawns and unique gathering nodes that grant bonuses. The devs also want to lean in to the in-game CLicHe corporation’s shenanigans by integrating what reads like a seasonal reputation mechanic, where players can ally with a specific CLicHe department, complete tasks, and earn rewards. This also ties into an overall Corporate Rank that grows over time and unlocks more rewards.

As for gameplay updates, the devs will look at combat balance, particularly in regard to the strength stat; the ranged skill will be tweaked by way of a mechanical change to inventory; multiple revamps to the card and spell system are planned; more cooking recipes will be added; and better quest rewards like unlockable recipes, map shortcuts, or even new areas are on the docket.

Specific dates for these changes were not shared, but the post closes by stating that weekly updates to the MMORPG will continue and that players should expect things to roll out over at least a few months. All told, it will take time to complete development, but it’s clear the devs have heard feedback and are looking to take steps.

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