Tales of Yore is a ‘lightweight’ retro-style MMORPG ‘full of terrible RPG tropes, cliches, and dad jokes’


When an MMORPG describes itself as “lightweight,” there are a few assumptions one can leap to. Personally, I’m taking that description to mean a game that’s easy to start, has enough depth to remain engaging, but can also be easily put down if needed. Ideally that’s what was intended when Tales of Yore billed itself as a “lightweight 2-D MMORPG […] full of terrible RPG tropes, cliches, and dad jokes.”

Tales of Yore comes from the studio Coke and Code Games and promises a lot of depth and a large world to explore, with hundreds of monsters, quests, gear, spells, and items. The game also offers player housing, harvesting, and crafting to take on, while combat involves simply clicking on a foe and letting battles automatically run. On the subject of combat, there don’t appear to be any classes in the game, meaning weapons and gear will affect how fights play out while stats determine what equipment players can use.

The lead developer of the game has recently written a refreshingly honest blog post that openly talks about a recently added holiday-themed raid, balancing the cost of keeping the game free-to-play and asking folks to support him, and noodling around with other little game projects to keep himself mentally refreshed. As for TOY itself, the game has been making plenty of updates over the course of its 18 month-long journey, the largest of which being an Oasis Update this past August.

Tales of Yore can be played via Steam, on iOS and Android, or right from a browser on the game’s homepage.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2), Steam
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