Stadia offers one last game to subscribers in the form of Worm Game

Yeah, cool.

Before Google Stadia closes its doors for good, the service is offering its fans one final game to play for free. Lest you get too excited, though, the game in question is Worm Game, a title made to facilitate network testing for Stadia ahead of the product rollout. It’s a game that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played on of the many derivations of the Snake game (which actually originated as a two-player game, Blockade, in 1976) but it serves as a coda for the service’s overall rollout and comes two days ahead of its predicted final refund date.

Stadia, for those of you who have forgotten, was a remote service run by Google promising to allow players to stream high-quality games to anywhere in a remote-play service. It shuttered its internal development team making new games exclusively for the platform and many speculators assumed that the writing was on the wall then, followed in September of last year with the announcement that Stadia would shut down altogether. Refunds are expected to be finished by January 18th, although every developer has handled maintaining data from Stadia players as they migrate to other platforms in different fashions.

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