Final Fantasy XIV adds in the items to its Gods Revel, Lands Tremble notes

That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

As is tradition, the Final Fantasy XIV patch notes are a gift that keeps on giving. First you get the preliminary patch notes, then you get the full patch notes, and then you get the full patch notes with all of the items added in the newest patch listed. For reference, we are now up to that final stage with the patch notes for patch 6.3, so now you can see all the items you haven’t gotten yet!

Of course, players have no doubt seen many of these items in the field by this point or have already been working hard to acquire them while staring longingly at the total MGP required to pilot the Blackjack. Regardless of which ones you have, which ones you want to acquire, and which ones you already don’t need, they’re all listed now. Tune in next week when the patch notes themselves are patched to add a version of Tetris! (That part will not happen.)

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