Lost Ark tackles quality-of-life improvements in today’s The Witcher collab patch


Those of you crying out for weird crossovers will be pleased to know that The Witcher franchise has invaded Lost Ark’s western version today as promised.

“Players will unravel mysteries with Geralt and his crew, explore all-new events, earn themed rewards and gain access to a variety of quality of life updates, including Guild updates, quest system improvements and more. The Lost Ark x The Witcher collaboration will feature a series of story and daily quests and the chance to earn items like Witcher Potions, 3 Jukebox songs, a new card set featuring 5 Witcher characters and more. In addition, Witcher themed cosmetics can be found in the in-game store, along with a unique Twitch drop with Witcher-inspired Mokoko skins.”

Of course, those of you who don’t care at all about Geralt and friends will be even happier to know that today’s patch also addresses guild research, guild skills, guild gold deposits, island siege mechanics, the mercenary system, raid match enemies, PvP island siege rank rewards, new PvP island sieges, the quest journal and map, task improvements, daily logins, and a slew of bug fixes – essentially, a whole raft of quality-of-life perks. Have fun, folks.

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